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Being active is another way to take time off from the stress of your day to day life. At Amara Villas, you have a plethora of options to unwind through an active lifestyle.

What can be more invigorating than a get-together. A hearty laugh and sumptuous with family and friends in our Star Resort will heighten the sense of community. The adventure sports section and the aqua experience welcome residents of all ages to enjoy the many activities that have been specially designed for them. If its an invigorating walk that excites you, The Sanctuary is the ideal place for you. With beautiful and rare fauna, The Sanctuary has been designed to transport you to a world surrounded by nature, perfect for a refreshing walk or jog.

And after your active day indulging in adventure and watersports, you can take a break for a lively dinner by the waterside. Amara Villas' Aqua Touch, a waterside restaurant, gives you a chance to enjoy a fun filled time with a panoramic view of the lake.

At Amara Villas, your wish for an active lifestyle is thoroughly taken care of with the best possible amenities.

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