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Crafted for perfection, Villas in Amara Villas go beyond than being valuable assets. Enjoy a hassle-free living experience as these Villas also get 2 years of free property management. Premier features like Star Resort, Spa, Water-side Restaurant, Aqua Experience and Adventures zones, further add value to the Villas. They are the perfect vacations homes. Here are 10 more reasons to buy a Villa in Amara Villas


Care to relax in style away from the crowded hustle of the city? It’s about time you booked your own villa at Amara Villas.

Pune City is still just a short drive away.

You can enjoy a peaceful Sanctuary for some quality me-time.

You have access to all types of family and individual activities in the water and on the land. Amara has activities for everyone at all times of the year.

Enjoy your private pool as you dip your feet in while reading a book. What a way to spend a hot summer’s day in Amara Villas!

You get to be the proud owner of an Amara Villa, enjoy the fine art of living and show the world your excellent taste for life's finest.

With a proposed sea plane service from Mumbai, your guests can arrive in style.
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